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September 18, 2009


christy H

I'm throwing a dessert/tea baby shower for a friend in a few weeks; I MUST make these! I am SOOO going to my bake store to see if they have that pan AND running to Target tomorrow to get the kisses. :) Thanks for that. :)

pamela p

I didn't even see those. They look amazing! I admit, I bought two boxes of Cinnamon toast Crunch today. Mwahaahaa! Just tack a couple miles onto the run!

Lori F.

SUPERLY, DUPERLY DELICIOUS!!! It was yummy for my tummy this morning, especially with my Pumpkin Spice Creamer induced coffee!!! :) ... this is me smiling even tho I needed extra time on the eliptical because of it. However, I did NOT have to spend a Million and a half to join the gym.... ;)

Soooo looking forward to tasting your cookies!!! And then, of course, adding another jaunt on the Eliptical to my To Do List! But, it is worth it!!

You inspire me!

Mary Ann

The coasters turned out great!! Hmmmmm those would be fun to add to Christmas gifts for the neighbors.
Now for this mini cheesecakes...oh my they look so good. I bet they tasted yummy, although I'm sure they would taste yummy torn to bits after being taken out of a pan with a toothpick. LOL
I haven't looked at Picky's blog lately, I'm off to do that now!

christy H

raced out to target and got the Kisses and found a cake supply store near here that has the pan; I am SOOO making these for my girlfriends shower. Oh and NO WE DIDN'T open the bag of kisses to smaple. Well, OK maybe just one! :)

Janna Houlihan

Those look so yummy. Must try these for sure. I will definitely have to order the pan. We are so remote there's not a chance that I will find it locally. Lovin the idea of fall rollin in & all the yummy goodness to go with it. Do you think it would work if you sprayed the mini muffin pan to death with non stick spray....or maybe those mini liners? Just a thought! Have a great day!

Donna Gisbert

Don't let Hunky Hubby eat too many of these. He will become Chunky Hubby.

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