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September 08, 2009


caroline oursler

Your kids are so cute - all of them. What a blessing you can all get along and include an ex for breakfast...you are amazing!! And those shoes - so cute!!
Have a great fun day just lounging around (ya right)! I lose my job in January and looking forward to being a housewife for a bit...I'm sure I will be even more busy then now.

Lori F

Cute shoes! Love the sparkles. Yay for Emily and her new earrings! :) Great picture of Maddi too.


great post, love the photos of your kids...I have 3 years to go till full day first...but if i can manage to get my son potty trained i will have a couple of hours to myseld 3 days a week.


Such a cute one of the sisters!!!! Love it!

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