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March 24, 2007



I vote for FUNNY,,,incredibly funny. Sorry birdie, but you made me laugh.


If it is a pigeon (which it looks like) then it's all good. They are really rats with wings! I too vote for funny! However, I do have a very sick sense of humor!


I can't help it but this is FUNNY! I am still laughing. It is one of God's creatures BUT....Again still laughing. I needed this laugh today. I still dont know if I am pregnant or Not and going crazy NOT knowing. I guess I might use the 2nd test I bought! So with that MAYBE I am crazy and that is why I am laughing! Oh help me I am going to cry from laughing!

Carl Patten

Aww poor bird. That must've been a painful position if he's not dead yet. The road sign is a little...strange. Or maybe you just didn't get the picture of the whole sign, haha. Funny story, by the way. Except for the dead bird.

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