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August 20, 2009


Lori F

ooohhh! You crack me up about the hidden camera! :) LOVE the green paper and that Dale helped other moms carry things up the stairs, such a stud!

I think this pic of you and Steph is adorable. She sooo looks like you. Two beauties. :)

And I soo love that she gave you a CD, sooo sweet! I can only imagine how hard that made you cry all the way home. :( You are such a GREAT momma! You've done such a tremendous job with Stephanie!!!

((((hugging you friend))))

christy H

Oh man you have me crying and hes not even mine. Sympathy pains I guess. *sniff* Sounds like a fun day that is going to lead to lots of new adventures. :) *sniff* ugh still crying maybe I am PMS-ing. hang in there my blogger friend. You are a good mama and shes gonna do great!


Oh I LOVED this post.
I'm crying with you imagining what it's going to be like for me.

You are such a GREAT mom. She's lucky to have you!


you managed to make me cry once again my friend!!! you are better than any show on tv....swear I would tune into your show weekly!!! excuse me while I go blow my nose......

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