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August 06, 2009


Mary Ann

Yep, he is one to be hooked on.
I think I feel the same way about Chuck E. Cheese as you do. Tucker STILL thinks you only go there for birthday parties. I'm not going to tell him otherwise.

Lori F

OMG!!! That's all I can say. :) xxoo

pamela p

I LOVED Ryan Reynolds in Definitely Maybe, but heck who can compete with Scarlett Johannson? Not even my twenty year old self was as a amazing as that girl!
I miss those Chuck E Cheese days. Dang that was an easy birthday!


I'm with you on the Ryan Reynolds crush!! OMG!!!! And great pic! I'll be visiting this post off and on!! :o)

Michelle Laboissonniere

hellllooo friend! I know it's been a moon or two or three. just wanted to say thanks for that wonderful eye candy! what a happy post. did dale post scarlett on his blog? lol
glad the little mr had fun at the chucksters house.
btw...don't know who the other woman is but do i need to remind you that connor really needs to marry one of my girls? ;)

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