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August 22, 2009



Totally cute bedding for the dorm!!!! Where did you find it????

Mary Ann

Her room looks so cute! I know you had ALOT to do with it...I see scrapbook paper up on her bulletin board. Oh, I can see the collage poster on there too. It looks great.
She does look very happy :)This will be such an amazing time for her!

Lori F

Great pictures! Emily looks adorable! You were a fabulous birthday momma, her birthday was a blast!!

Steph DOES look happier here! Yayayay!!! Which I'm sure, makes you a bit happier tooooo.

pamela p

Steph looks so happy, which must be a huge relief for you. At least you have little ones to keep you busy. I dread the LAST one leaving. Just shoot me!

BTW Grant had a 1st birthday party and then didn't have one until he was 5. I have made an effort to give him one every year since then to make up for all the guilt. Hey, they are the fourth and the last, they just gotta deal. We do our best ;)

christy H

Steph looks great and E had a great birthday, good week mama. Hang in there. Shoot I only have 2 and I get burned out of the party planning etc.


Her room looks GREAT!
This is going to be a great year for her.

Looks like Emily had a great birthday. We told our kids we would only have one big birthday party a year, so we alternate who get it each year. Once every 3 years isn't that bad. Its more than I got!

Donna Gisbert

I love Steph's hair.

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