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October 20, 2009



You are such an artist. If I tried to paint bags for anyone, they would look so silly.
Great job!


Hello Crafty One:) Hey can you send me in the right direction for your cake ball recipe? You always make the presentation of them so cute. Miss you.

pamela p

Okay my neighbor is taking a cake decorating class and has been giving us the cakes. My worst enemy is a cake! Good for you for getting rid of temptation. My kids could have cared less about the cake so I ended up passing it on...after eating a slice of course ;)

christy H

great job on the bags. So cute! Glad you all are well and sounds like busy as ever. ;)

Mary Ann

The gift bags are so cute! I'm sure it wasn't hard to do, well, except if you are me :)

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